Revive Your Ride Spring Campaign 2012

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2 weeks left in the Spring Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes!

The Spring Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes is entering the last leg and it’s time for the final push to the finish line!

Here are a couple of last minute tips to rejuvenate your troops for a strong finish that just might make one of your customers very, very happy!

  1. Hand out your dealership’s official Revive Your Ride entry code to EVERYONE that walks through your door.
  2. Make sure your staff knows the contest details. Have them watch our You Tube video so they can answer your customers questions and create excitement to enter!
  3. Be sure your Revive Your Ride in store signage is up and visible throughout your dealership. If you need online marketing materials you can find them online at the MIC Revive Your Ride Dealer site.
  4. Create an incentive to drive your employees to get involved! Need more ideas? Read our Top 10 Revive Your Ride marketing ideas featured in a recent MPN eNewsletter.
  5. Direct your customers online to enter to win – remember June 30th is only 2 weeks away!
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Most importantly –  As if the Grand Prize of $5k to spend at the participating RYR dealership of their choice isn’t enough of an incentive to hand out your official entry code,  remember contestants that enter the contest win great prizes from  sponsors like Tucker RockyLeoVince USARenthalHelmet House Inc. and many, many more!

Your customers love their motorcycles. Be sure they enter the RYR Sweepstakes


Your customers eat, breathe and sleep dreaming about their motorcycle. Why not give them more of what they love and make sure that they get the most out of their riding experience this summer?

Ride safe!


Prize List Breakdown Part 2: 20 Reasons to Ride on in & Enter to Win!

The prize list breakdown continues as we review prizes 11-30 & give you 20 more great reasons to ride on in & enter the Spring Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes! 

With prizes from top sponsors like Tucker Rocky, Helmet House, Two Brothers Racing & Suzuki why wouldn’t you enter? Find your local participating RYR dealer today!  

Suzuki Gift Certificate $500 RYR Prize 11-14

Prize #’s 11-14:

$500 Gift Certificate from Suzuki Motorcycles

Genuine Suzuki Parts & Accessories

Suzuki Motorcycles – It’s a way of life! Enter to win one of three gift certificates valued at $500 each and use them on any genuine Suzuki part & accessory purchase you dream of!


15th Prize to win in the Spring Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes: Tucker Rocky Gift Certificate for $500

Prize #15: 

$500 Tucker Rocky Gift Certificate

Pick anything in the Tucker Rocky catalog up to $500

Tucker Rocky’s relentless commitment and dedication  is the reason they are a leading distributor of motorcycle and ATV aftermarket parts, accessories and apparel. With  tens of thousands of products to choose  from including the finest brands for street, custom, touring and off-road motorcycles as well as ATV’s and UTV’s, you can’t go wrong with this prize!


Prize #16 Two Brothers Racing Gift Certificate



Prize #16:

$500 Gift Certificate from Two Brothers Racing

Pick any high performance exhaust system up to $500.

Two Brothers Racing is the World’s leader in performance motorcycle exhaust systems. Race proven full and slip-on system options available for most sportbikes. Motorcycle Exhausts, Street Bike Parts & Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessories

When it comes to race proven aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems, accessories and/or motorcycle parts; Two Brothers Racing (TBR) has everything you need. From streetbike parts that dramatically improve performance to complete exhaust systems that will increase your torque and boost peak horsepower, TBR carries the aftermarket accessories that are guaranteed to set you apart. Turn your road bike from a boring, standard stock machine into one sweet ride. As huge fans of all motorcycles ourselves, our premium selection of motorcycle exhaust systems has been designed with your particular requirements in mind. Choose from slip-ons, flange-on exhaust systems, and full systems to upgrade your bike and increase performance on demand.

At TBR features full exhaust systems, jet kits, fuel controllersair filters, and premium rear bike stands. Check out the list of performance parts guaranteed to get your motor running.


Prizes 17, 18 & 19 Helmet House Shoei Qwest Full Face Helmet


Prize #’s: 17, 18 & 19

Shoei Qwest Full Face Helmet from Helmet House

Why don’t we let you EXPERIENCE THE QWEST for yourself.

Helmet House: 10 Chances to Win a Tour Master Flex Series Jacket

 Prize #’s: 20-30

Tour Master Flex Series 3 Jacket from Helmet House

Helmet House does it again, this time there are 10 chances to win a Tour Master Flex Series 3 Jacket!

Product Details:

  • Converts easily from a 600 denier Carbolex® Jacket to an Armor-Link mesh jacket and vice-versa
  • Water-resistant outer jacket incorporates waterproof zippered sleeve vents
  • 360º Phoslite® reflective piping and Tour Master’s signature reflective rear triangle help increase nighttime visibility
  • Soft, durable microfiber-lined collar and cuff
  • Adjustable sleeve takeup straps to secure elbow armor and material
  • Removable, CE approved armor at the elbows and shoulders with an articulated triple density back protector
  • Tour Master’s Z.O.Q. (Zip-Out Quilted) Liner features warming 100gm polyfill insulation
  • Zippered hand pockets, internal pouch pocket and mobile media pocket
  • Adjustable waist belts with TPR pulls help to fine tune the fit
  • Includes a jacket/pant zipper attachment with the pant side included

Prize list breakdown: 10 Great Reasons to Ride

It’s Memorial Day weekend & you know what that means! The “unofficial” start of summer has arrived and only 4 weeks remain to sign up for your chance at becoming a winner in the Spring Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes. While we are certain that you are crossing your fingers that you will  be named the Grand Prize winner, there are a total of 60 prizes up for grabs that are more then worth the ride down to the dealership jotting down the official RYR entry code and logging on to sign-up to online.

Prize list breakdown part 1: 10 Great Reasons to Ride…(right into to your nearest RYR Particpating dealer that is!)

Let’s take a closer look at the each of the prizes and how you can use them to Revive Your Ride


Grand Prize $5k, 1st Prize $2k & 2nd Prize $1,200 Visa Pre-loaded debit cards


Win $$ to spend on anything that your dealership has to offer!      

There are 3 chances to win a pre-loaded Visa Gift card to use at your local RYR participating dealership on anything you would like to purchase. Make your love of riding even more enjoyable this summer! Think of all the gear, parts & accessories you could buy if you are one of the lucky winners!

Grand Prize: $5k Pre-loaded Visa Gift Card

1st Prize:  $2k  Pre-loaded Visa Gift Card

2nd Prize: $1,200 Pre-loaded Visa Gift Card


3rd Prize to win in the Spring Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes: Tucker Rocky Gift Certificate for $1k


A riding enthusiasts dream prize! Over 75k items to choose from!

3rd Prize: $1,000 Tucker Rocky Gift Certificate Tucker Rocky Consumer Catalog

Tucker Rocky is the leading distributor of motorcycle and ATV aftermarket parts, accessories and apparel. They offer tens of thousands of products from the finest brands for street, custom, touring and off-road motorcycles as well as ATV’s and UTV’s*.

The winner of the $1k Tucker Rocky Gift Certificate can choose from anything within the catalog up to $1,000.


Prize #4 Spring Revive Your Ride $750 LeoVince USA Gift Certificate

Supe up your bike with this great prize!

4th Prize: $750 Leo Vince USA Gift Certificate

Your gift certificate can be used toward any LeoVince performance part(s), exhaust, electronics or carbon fiber accessories up to $750.

LeoVince USA sells and services the LeoVince brands for Sito Gruppo Industriale based in Monticello d’Alba, Italy. Sito is the largest motorcycle exhaust manufacturer globally and brings 57 years of passion and experience to their complete product line. LeoVince USA sold brands include SBK, Blackjack, Scoot, X3, SBK and X3 Carbon Fiber and FAST II. Product lines include OEM replacement exhausts, aftermarket performance exhausts, carbon fiber components and fuel & ignition controllers.


Win a Kendon Standup Motorcycle Lift by entering the Spring Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes

Towing your bike has never been easier!

5th Prize: Kendon Standup Motorcycle Lift

Kendon Industries, Inc. is the originator of Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts. Since 1991, the Kendon brand has been synonymous with high quality, durability and innovation. No other Motorcycle Trailer competitor can claim torsion axles with independent suspension, triangulated round tube construction or, of course, their patented fold up, Stand-Up™ design that allows Folding Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts to fit in tight spaces.


Win one of 2 available Aftercare GPS Tracking devices in the Revive Your Ride Sweepstakes

Keep track of your motorcycle 24/7 & have peace of mind 

6th & 7th Prize: Aftercare GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking is a must have for consumers who want to keep track of their powersports equipment. Aftercare’s GPS Tracking System comes with a small unit that is attached to the vehicle battery. The customer receives a unique code that allows him/her to log onto the Tracking Site and create a unique user name and password.

The Tracking Site can be set up to send alerts to a cell phone, a web address or both. Alerts can be modified to meet the owner’s individual preferences. Motion, low battery, speed violation, geo fence entrance and departure – are just a few of the alerts that one can receive to keep track of the vehicle’s use.


Prize package #8: Deltran Battery Tender, Renthal Kevlar Grip, $500 Gift Cert

This is one high power packed prize package! 

8th Prize: Deltran Battery Tender, Renthal Kevlar Grip, $500 Gift Certificate from Performance Machine 

With a Deltran Battery Tender you avoid the potentially damaging effects caused by most trickle chargers! Battery Tender® BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect convenience automatically maintains the batteries in all your vehicles so they are ready to go when you are! You just set it, and forget!

Why Battery Tender?

All Battery Tender battery chargers are designed to fully charge and maintain a wide range of styles of lead acid batteries in ways that avoid the potential damaging effects that can be caused by most trickle chargers.

All Battery Tender battery chargers have the five following characteristics:

  • Fully Automatic: At the end of the regular charger cycle, every Battery Tender battery charger automatically switches its output voltage to a safe, storage or float level that eliminates the need to constantly check on the conditions of the battery.
  • Deltran Battery TenderFull Output Power at Low AC Line Conditions: Battery Tender battery chargers will deliver full output power with input AC line voltages as low as 90 VAC. (Excluding chargers with output current of 2 amps or less).
  • Zero to Minimal Current Draw from Batteries: When the AC power is disconnected, most Battery Tender battery chargers draw zero current from the battery. A few of the higher power models draw less than 1 milliamp from the battery.
  • Compact, Lightweight Construction: At any given power level, Battery Tender battery chargers offer some of the highest charging power density in the industry.
  • Visual Indication of Charge State: Every Battery Tender battery charger has some combination of colored lights to indicate the progress of charging.

Get a grip! A Renthal Kevlar Grip, that is! 


Renthal is a global leader in the manufacturing, design and sales of motorcycle and ATV accessories, including but not limited to, handlebars, grips, chainwheels, chain. Our products are sold globally, but the manufacturing heart is in Manchester England. Renthal is the leader in handlebars for the motorcycle and ATV markets and currently, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM spec their motocross models with our handlebars as stock. Renthal sponsors racers from all over the world and 153 World Titles and 132 US Titles have been won using Renthal products.

Renthal Kevlar Grip Tapered Grips with KEVLAR® brand resin

The most advanced grip available. Renthal has developed a special reinforced grip made with greatly increase wear resistance. The grip has all the properties you would expect from a Renthal grip but with the life extending properties of KEVLAR® brand resin.

The base material contains millions of randomly aligned KEVLAR® brand resin particles. As the grip is used more particles are exposed, so the number of particles at the grip surface increases.

$250 Gift Certificate from Performance Machine 

Win a Performance Machine $500 Gift Certificate Package

Performance Machine

Performance Machine is the leading manufacturer of motorcycle wheels, brake systems, controls, and accessories.Performance Machine premium products will open your mind to customization, providing you with the inspiration to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that reflect your personality.

“With over 4 decades experience doing what we do, we’re pretty dang good at it by now. With the progressive level of engineering technology in our manufacturing, PM’s focus in innovation is unmatched. And with our efforts to bring you the most well rounded portfolio of products from brand to brand, there’s something for everyone.”


Spring RYR Prize #9: Tour Master Flex Series 3 Jacket, $250 Gift Certificate from BDL



Ride in Style & Safety with a package from Tour Master and Belt Drive, LTD. 

9th Prize: Tour Master Flex Series 3 Jacket & a $250 Gift Certificate from Belt Drives, LTD.

  • Converts easily from a 600 denier Carbolex® Jacket to an Armor-Link mesh jacket and vice-versa
  • Water-resistant outer jacket incorporates waterproof zippered sleeve vents
  •  360º Phoslite® reflective piping and Tour Master’s signature reflective rear triangle help increase nighttime visibility
  •  Soft, durable microfiber-lined collar and cuff
  • Adjustable sleeve takeup straps to secure elbow armor and material
  • Removable, CE approved armor at the elbows and shoulders with an articulated triple density back protector
  • Tour Master’s Z.O.Q. (Zip-Out Quilted) Liner features warming 100gm polyfill insulation
  • Zippered hand pockets, internal pouch pocket and mobile media pocket
  • Adjustable waist belts with TPR pulls help to fine tune the fit
  • Includes a jacket/pant zipper attachment with the pant side included

YouTube Preview Image
Belt Drives, LTD


BDL’s goal is clear: They provide our customers with the best aftermarket accessories that are unparalleled in performance and design. With rigorous testing of each product ensures  customers nothing but the highest quality performance parts.





Your prize includes a $250 Gift Certificate to use toward the items of your choosing from BDL 


Win a set of Avon Motorcycle Tires up to $500. in the Spring RYR Contest

Nothing like a new set of wheels to hit the open road!

10th Prize:  Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon has been making high quality tyres since 1904, tyres that fit all sorts of cars and motorbikes, vans and trailers. Over the years, Avon has not only proved itself on the road but also on the racetracks of the world, on two wheels as well as four.

Today, Avon’s century of tyre-making experience is combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology. Add in a punishing test regime and you can see why Avon makes tyres of unparalleled quality and ability. So if you’re after tyres that can confidently shrug off the elements, tyres that help make driving a pleasure rather than a chore, ask for Avon. Avon Tyres is owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

Your prize includes a set of Avon Tires up to $500!


We are sure that the first ten prizes caught your eye and you are ready to enter right now! Just head on down to your local dealer and get that code! It’s a great time to enter, but as you know – time flies by when you are having fun!

Deadline to sign-up to win is June 30th...ENTER YOUR CODE HERE 

The MIC wants to thank all of the above sponsors for supporting the Revive Your Ride mission! We are proud to share your quality products and services with the motorcycle riding community.

Stay tuned for next week! We will review the prizes 11 through 20…More awesome chances to win coming your way!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Riding Enthusiast Info & Entry page

YouTube Preview Image

Revive Your Ride! is giving riders a chance to win 1 of 60 – cash, aftermarket or gift certificate prizes! All prizes together have a value of more than $25,000.

60 lucky customers will ride away with a prize package of gear, parts, accessories, gift certificates or one of the three cash cards. This year’s Grand Prize is a $5,000 debit card while 1st Place is a $2,000 debit card and 2nd Place is $1,200 debit card. The product package giveaways range from motorcycle jackets and helmets to tires, chains, battery tenders and more.

There are 2 simple steps to enter to win.

(1) Stop by your fave local dealer and request their Revive Your Ride entry code. (2) Go online and enter here to win a multitude of prizes  including the grand prize of $5000 to Revive Your Ride this summer plus;

  • Gift Certificates from Tucker Rocky, Leo Vince, Suzuki, Two Brothers, and National Cycle!
  • Tour Master Jackets!
  • Aftercare GPS devices!
  • Avon tires!
  • Airhawk Cruiser Cushion!
  • Helmet House!
  • View entire list here

That’s it! Good luck!

How will my customers find out about #RYR?

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) is launching a multi-media campaign to support 2012 Revive Your Ride!

MIC members including OEs, aftermarket suppliers/distributors, media outlets and other industry business influencers are also supporting the promotions on their websites and in consumer communications.

You too can get the word out by informing your customers. Add promotional material (free),  to your newsletter, social media channels and print material. Let your customers know your are a participating dealer!


How Does it Work?

Revive your Ride! works by getting customers excited about riding a motorcycle again and getting them back into dealerships. It’s simple; it’s about building consumer interest, floor traffic and sales.

To enter, customers just go to a participating retailer.  They’ll enjoy taking a look at the latest powersports products while grabbing the dealers unique entry code. The customer then enters to win online.

It’s completely free for customers to enter and completely free for dealers to participate.

How do you Start?

Become a Participating Dealer in Revive Your Ride!

Becoming a Participating Dealer is easy, just 2 simple steps.

  1. Sign up to be a participating dealer on the Revive Your Ride website.
  2. We will send you an email with three important pieces of information:
    1. Your unique dealer/entry code. This is for your use only. Don’t share with other dealers. Each participating dealer will be assigned a unique number.
    2. Link to downloadable digital assets like promotional flyers, postcards and more.
    3. We will also send you, by mail, two 18” x 24” posters to advertise the promotion inside your dealership. Additional posters can be downloaded on the Revive Your Ride website.

Download Promotional Materials

Next, check out the Revive Your Ride! website. Download free, professionally designed Revive Your Ride! artwork, logos, banner ads, eCards and more.

Like us on Facebook

The easiest way to keep yourself up to date regarding Revive your Ride! is to like us on the Revive Your Ride Facebook page.

Promotional Ideas for Your Dealership

Keep the momentum rolling with these great promotion ideas!

We hope you share your good ideas and let us know what has worked or what you’re trying this year. Leave us a comment below.